RENOL FOAM cushions made from viscoelastic foam (resilient and “shape memory”) adapt easily to the morphology of the individual."Personalisable” (the foam adopts the individual morphological imprint), they allow the optimal level of comfort to be monitored. After each use, the cushion returns to its original shape. The cushions of the RENOL FOAM range are attached to the chair using a velcro system. They come with a cover with a non-slip base. The covering on the other side is made from PU, delicate, soft and kind to the skin.


RCV06200             6Hx42Lx42lcm       set
RCV06300            10Hx42Lx42lcm       set

For use in one direction only, this cushion limits the forward sliding of the person. The memory foam gently moulds to the curve of the buttons and legs to relieve pressure points. Surface cleaning. This cushion comes with a machine washable PU cover (polyurethane fabric) (RCV06299 or RCV06399).




RCV07300             6Hx42Lx42lcm       set
RCV07400            10Hx42Lx42lcm       set

As well as having all the advantages of the inclined cushion, this one has an abduction pad. Ideal and comfortable, it prevents the effects of “pitching” and stops the patient sliding forward. Surface cleaning. This cushion comes with a machine washable PU cover (RCV07399 or RCV07499).


RCV05100           4Hx42Lx42lcm      set
RCV05200           8Hx42Lx42lcm      set

The STANDARD cushion enables support in the seat area to be reduced. Sensitive to bodily pressure, the foam memorises the anatomical shape of its user: it constantly adapts to movements and changes in position. For use by all, this cushion offers a wide range of applications. Surface cleaning. This cushion comes with a machine washable PU cover (RCV05199 or RCV05299).

RENOL FILL cushions, with silicon fibres, flexible and soft, are intended for practical, snug use. The circulation of the air between the fibres significantly helps reduce rubbing. Easy to maintain, they come with a cover with a PU front and cotton back. They are attached to the chair either by a velcro system or by a tie.


RCF44045      42x42cm         pc
This cushion relieves pressure points in the seat area and offers unrivalled comfort. It guarantees exceptional stability. Machine washable.



RCF40400             42x42cm         pc
This ergonomically shaped cushion relieves pressure points in the seat area and offers unrivalled comfort for use in wheeled commode chairs. Hygienic cleanliness certified by machine-washing at 60°.


RCF40300          42x42cm           pc
This pillow with an opening of 12cm relieves pressure points at the level of the coccyx. Thanks to this opening he can also be convenient for using on toilet chairs.Coating PU front, cotton back, stuffed with silicon fibres, hygienic cleanliness certified by machine-washing at 60°.

RENOL cushions offer a stable, reassuring and comfortable sitting position. They have been specifically designed to improve the well-being of wheelchair users, people who remain seated for prolonged periods and elderly people mobilised in a geriatric chair. Designed to guarantee perfect distribution of weight and pressure, they allow the relief of pressure on the spine and limbs. They support and prop up the patient comfortably in the desired position, thereby preventing any sideways or forward sliding.

The product coverings can be maintained simply by wiping with a sponge and disinfectant. Covers and certain cushions can be machine-washed and -dried.  We suggest you for the cold disinfection the using of UMONIUM38 from HUCKERT'S INTERNATIONAL.