SAFETY BELTS   (surrounding the waist)

The abdominal belts of the SAFETY range are distinguished by surrounding the waist completely. In this way they
increase the safety of sitting in the chair by completely removing any risk of sliding out of the chair.
The concept allows the belt to be left permanently attached to the chair. Speed of use is therefore guaranteed: simply sit the patient down and secure them by placing the belt around their waist.    Machine washable



SAFETY COMFORT WAIST BELT «RENOL CLIP»        width of belt: 14cm
RFC45115    * Small * Medium    (waist size 60-110cm)     pc
RFC45135    * Large
             (waist size 90-130cm)     pc

This other model offers greater comfort due to the width of the strap. The pressure points are spread out further and the" crushing" feeling is reduced.

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RFC51000         One size            pc

Used in conjunction with one of the two SAFETY abdominal belt models, the SAFETY PELVIC BELT offers additional safety and comfort to completely prevent the patient falling forwards. It attaches to the SAFETY WAIST BELT or the SAFETY COMFORT WAIST BELT by a velcro system. The whole thing remains attached to the frame of the chair by means of buckles.

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RFC52000        One size            pc
The SAFETY SHOULDER BELT holds the patient's torso securely in place against the back of the chair. Used with the SAFETY WAIST BELTS.
With the use of this belt, we recommend the use of an ABDUCTION cushion (RCV07300) or a QUICK BELT (RFL40000 or RFL45000) to avoid “strangling” the patient who might slide forwards out of the chair.
Cannot be used with the pelvic belt RFC51000.

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