The EASY COMFORT keeps the patient on the bed in perfect safety, given them considerable freedom of movement for their comfort. This belt allows the patient to position themselves on their sides or to sit up in bed while being sufficiently secured to exclude the possibility of falling. The width of the belt reduces pressure by spreading it around the waist and lessens "crushing" feelings.
Easy to use, it does not require a lock.

EASY COMFORT WAIST BELT «RENOL CLIP»        width of belt: 14cm

RFB55115         * Medium      (waist size 70-110 cm)        pc
        * Large        (waist size 90-130 cm)        pc

Machine washable

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N. B.: A lucid and deft patient can open the  EASY COMFORT belts themselves. However, two fastening systems (a buckle covered by a velcro system) make it difficult for the elderly to open the strap. With the protective gloves (RCP01100 and RCP01235), the patient cannot open their belt.