RENOL offers you a range of practical, efficient, comfortable products designed to prevent inconveniences and accidents that might occur on a daily basis. They are also designed to provide a snug sense of well-being. They are intended for people who have had an accident or been injured, convalescents, those suffering from aching necks, shoulders and backs or the elderly.
• Multi-functional ergonomic pillows; cushions and over-mattresses for various uses.
• Reduction in pressure sores and prevention of risk of bedsores for all parts of the body.
• Support for arm and hand.
• Aprons, protective gloves and comfort-pyjamas for dependent people.
• Accessories for wheelchairs: holder for urine bag and urinal, storage bag.
The materials used are perfectly able to withstand frequent machine washing and drying. All instructions appear on the products. Ease of maintenance is guaranteed.


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